About Jamie

I'm a designer and maker of homewares based in a workshop that lies in the heart of the 'Garden of England', Kent.

Surrounded by oak, beech, birch, ash, hazel and alder woods, rolling hills and fertile farmland, this slice of England is a wood workers paradise.  


There are various rich sources of timber to be found all over our countryside if you know where to look.  The best of these places undoubtably being the local woods and forests that surround my home on Toys Hill.  Fallen wood contributes 90% of the material from which I work.  The workshop may be where I wield my carving axe and knife but it's in these rich and diverse wooded areas that the hard work is really done. Nature has been growing the wood for a very long time, centuries even, I merely freeze it in a moment in time by designing something unique to help reveal its true and raw self.

Over the years the range of products I've made has continually changed.  Designs have come and gone, entire product lines have risen up then disappeared, styles and themes have evolved.  The core of my work however, what binds it all together, has remained strong and is defined by a passion for whatever it is that I'm currently working on.  Back when I first picked up some tools in Melbourne, where I was living at the time, a simple hardwood oil burner was what I was mostly creating in my workshop (aka laundry room).  An effective design that launched me on a path of making and selling.  Undoubtably it was the popularity of this product that gave me the confidence to dig a little deeper into the woodworkers world and I'll forever be fond of this creation.  I've long since retired the oil burner, consigning the last few to my 'museum' shelf at the back of the workshop where old designs gather sawdust.  The constant evolution of ideas, techniques and tools drives me on, as it does many other woodworkers, to design pieces which are both beautiful and practical.